Jason Hibbets

I'm a project manager at Red Hat and the lead administrator for opensource.com. I've been with Red Hat since 2003. I graduated from North Carolina State University and live in Raleigh, NC. I've been applying open source principles in neighborhood organizations in Raleigh for several years, highlighting the importance of transparency, collaboration, and community building. In my spare time, I enjoy surfing, gardening, watching football, participating in my local government, blogging for South West Raleigh @ southwestraleigh.com, and training my Border Collies to be frisbee and agility dogs. I head to the beaches of North Carolina during hurricane season to ride the waves.

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I'm married to Merri Beth Hibbets and have a son and daughter. We live in Southwest Raleigh, the Capital City's Creative District, which is South of the Farmer's Market. We have four border collies, Dot, Nat, Sox, and Rex.

I'm a military brat that grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. More specifically, Kill Devil Hills, NC. I went to high school in Manteo and picked up surfing when I was 15. I strive to live the island life style, love the aloha culture, and have grown to love the "no worries" attitude.

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