Привет! Olá! LocalWiki now speaks your language

23 Mayo 2012

While LocalWiki's roots are in the United States, we've seen increasing interest all over the globe. One barrier, however, has been that our interface is entirely in English. At least it was, until today:

Thanks to the hard work of Pedro Lima and Nuno Maltez in Portugal, LocalWiki is now completely internationalized and can be easily translated into any language!

Pedro and Nuno have started adding to LocalWiki in the city of Porto, Portugal. So far, they've been using LocalWiki to collect information about the remarkable architecture around the city:

Porto residents are using LocalWiki to document their unique architecture. This is Casa do Cinema Manuel de Oliveira. (Photo c/o Sérgio Barbosa)

Right now we've got translations for Portuguese, German some folks in Sissach, Switzerland), and Russian.

We need lots more translations! If you'd like to help with translations, just email [email protected].